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We recognize that it is now time to move from principles to action, considering the work already being done in implementing the Geneva Plan of Action and identifying those areas where progress has been made, is being made, or has not taken place. We reaffirm the commitments made in Geneva and build on them in Tunis by focusing on financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide, on Internet governance and related issues, as well as on implementation and follow-up of the Geneva and Tunis decisions.

Financial mechanisms for meeting the challenges of ICT for development. We recall that the mandate of the TFFM was to undertake a thorough review of the adequacy of existing financial mechanisms in meeting the challenges of ICT for development.

Tunisian culture is very diverseTunisian culture is a product of more than three thousand years Mobile teachers and librarians were employed to ensure the promotion of culture in rural areas, and some 52 centers of literature were From this date, November 7 is regarded as the Tunisian National Day of drama.

Presentation by Mr. JICA, together with other co-organizers, tunisian this seminar while Mr. In this seminar, speakers the dating and business opportunities in Tunisia. Tunisia strives to improve the investment environment for promoting foreign dating by taking geopolitical advantage located in the Arab, Africa the European nodal points. For this purpose, Placing is developing investment promote and tunisian abundant human resources the higher education.

As a result, many foreign companies have base in Tunisia today, contributing to job creation in Tunisia. Although several Japanese companies have already developed business in Tunisia, the Tunisian government hopes for placing investment by them. Under these placing, JICA co-organized this seminar with the aim of further contributing to sustainable economic the in Tunisia. In addition, the parts, ICT and renewable energy industries were taken up as priority sectors.

Furthermore, two Placing companies operating in Tunisia introduced the current state of business development in the field. The mentioned Tunisia Investment Forum to be held on June , , and TICAD 7 and tunisian side events to be held on August , , which might be good opportunities to deepen the comprehension tunisian investment environment in Tunisia for dating investment. JICA website uses cookies to provide you with a better service. By closing this message or just continuing to browse the site, you are promote to our use of cookies in our Privacy Policy.

Moderators and panelists Men by Mr.

Brazil bought more olive oil from Tunisia this year

These subsidies are being distributed randomly to eligible applicants. While both export subsidies and matching grants are popular policy tools, to date there is very little rigorous evidence on their effectiveness, a gap this proposed impact evaluation aims to address. This collaboration has led to an innovation at CEPEX: choosing matching-grant beneficiaries with a randomized selection process.

Eager for a rigorous impact evaluation, CEPEX has welcomed this approach and received positive feedback from the private sector and other stakeholders. The program had been criticized in the past for a non-transparent selection process that appeared to favor well-connected firms. Random selection is helping CEPEX renew trust with Tunisian firms and break with bureaucratic processes associated with the former regime.

Tunisian Minister of Tourism Rene Trabelsi said the number of tourists tourism through infrastructure improvements promoting Tunisia in.

This post is co-authored by Maiya Moncino, research associate for international economics, at the Council on Foreign Relations. Few of these hopes have come to fruition, with political violence, suppression of dissenting voices, and economic turmoil marking the region, rather than the political and economic reforms that had once seemed possible.

Women and Women’s Rights. Sexual Violence. Middle East and North Africa. Despite a restrictive system of male guardianship, Saudi women were recently given the long withheld right to drive. This summer, Jordan and Lebanon repealed laws that would exonerate a rapist if he married his victim. These two countries drew inspiration from a pioneering neighbor.

To some extent, Tunisian women have long had more rights than their counterparts in neighboring countries. They are equal before the law without any discrimination. An administrative order dating back to forbade Muslim Tunisian women from marrying non-Muslims though Tunisian men were not subject to this restriction.

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Yet crucial structural reforms to ensure effective governance, economic growth and resilient democracy have yet to be implemented. It encompasses parties whose views on certain questions are fundamentally opposed. He is regarded as modest and sincere but politically inexperienced. Apart from Ennahda, which remains the largest party, the other main parties were almost wiped out.

In their place anti-establishment forces from left to right did well, often employing populist rhetoric. After the election the public showed effervescent optimism.

Publication Date, 14 October Date of Women’s Suffrage: Tunisia has a strong welfare system and programs to promote women’s employment.

Stay up to date on our entrepreneurs, events, research and more. Read our August newsletter here. Endeavor Tunisia launched in April to promote regional growth and development driven by high-impact entrepreneurship. The launch of the office was made possible by a partnership with Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie, a leading supporter of entrepreneurship in the region.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise in Tunisia. With a high unemployment rate among university graduates, young Tunisians are launching high-impact companies, creating jobs and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem. A analysis from TechCrunch suggests that thousands of new companies have been formed over the last five years, aided by the rise of accelerators and investment in entrepreneurship.

Many of these companies led by talented founders are well-poised to scale. Endeavor Tunisia will focus on selecting and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs and businesses from multiple sectors that have the potential to grow to an international level and reinvest back into the country by mentoring and providing financial support for successive generations of entrepreneurs. For more information about Endeavor Tunisia, please contact Tunisia Endeavor. Entrepreneurs Events Blog. Subscribe Search

Promoting Employment in Rural Regions of Tunisia

Figures from the tourism sector gave a touch of optimism in an otherwise morose economy. Official government data stated that tourism-related revenues in exceeded expectations despite internal political fluctuations that overshadow the Tunisian economy. Tunisian Tourism Minister Rene Trabelsi said the number of tourists increased Tunisian authorities had set a goal of 9 million tourists for after 8. It appears a wide promotional campaign that targeted traditional markets for Tunisian tourism, such as France, Britain and Germany, was successful.

Tourism professionals said Tunisia can expect an even larger number of tourists in , given that overall conditions are stabilising because of a long-term strategy of supporting tourism through infrastructure improvements promoting Tunisia in non-traditional markets.

Disclosure Date. /12/ Disclosure Status. Disclosed. Doc Name. Labor policy to promote good jobs in Tunisia: revisiting labor regulation, social security,​.

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Tunisia’s tourism sector shows signs of recovery

It will include several scheduled partnership meetings, and exhibition and conferences. More information about the event is available on the event website. Skip to main content. October 10th, Agenda Date:. Thursday, December 12, –

Abderahmen Boukhari, a famous Tunisian singer has made special efforts to promote vaishnava janato. This was a project under th.

This report addresses the prospects for women-friendly family law reform in Tunisia in the aftermath of the evolution, with a particular focus on the potential impact of the Tunisian constitution. The process leading to the promulgation of a new constitution has been covered widely in media and academic scholarship, but implementation of the constitution has not yet been completed. Although implementing the constitution will require law reform, this has yet to come to pass, in part because Tunisia does not yet have an operative constitutional court, as stipulated by the new constitution arts.

This leads to a number of conflicts between the highest law of the land and the domestic law that currently often prevails. The yet-to-be-established constitutional court will have to settle this ambiguity as well as conflicts between the constitution itself and currently applicable family law. As such, this report does not conclude how the constitutional implementation process will play out, but does shed light on the on-going process and how legal professionals, politicians and activists in Tunisia view the possibilities for change.

In fact, some people interviewed in preparation of this report consider the Tunisian school of Islamic thought to be central to the liberal gender project in Tunisia.

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